BBIT-Solutions is an independent software house that primarily develops mobile applications for the Android Operating System. It is currently a one-man business. The firm is best known for releasing Augmented Reality (AR) apps, like SoccAR or Snake. BBIT-Solutions usually tries to support and use the latest state of the art, but in mass markets available, devices and technologies for its apps and games. Some of the games contain Mulitplayer features, based on a special Augmented Reality Multiuser technology, for which the patent is applied.



After the foundation by Benjamin Bayer in 2015 the independent App- and Game-development studio BBIT-Solutions started into the games business with the jump'n'run games My Sheep and Mr. Santa.

Augmented Reality for Multiusers

In parallel the founder developed a technology to share AR, for which he started researching already during his Master's degree in Computer Science in the years before. The technology enables multiple players to have a look into the same synchronized AR scene from their individual perspectives, so that they can use Augmented Reality together.

The first game, that presented this technology to a broad audience was CheckARs. It was released in March 2017.

Implemented into the game SoccAR the technology was also presented on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter in November 2017.

Apps, Apps, Apps,...

Besides games BBIT-Solutions also develops more useful approaches to use Augmented Reality. The main topic is entertainment, like the apps MusicPlayAR and FireworkAR.

But there is also an app in development, which supports home builders at planning, constructing and furnishing their house as well as presenting it to other in the construction project involved people.

Recent Trends and Future

Since Google introduced ARCore, BBIT-Solutions tends to use this technology to bring the best possible AR experience to the users. We also use an efficient concept of programming, which will allow porting the apps to all upcoming AR devices (like e.g. HoloLens) relatively easy within a comparatively short time.

The first step into the future is Snake, which was released in March 2018. It's the classic game "snake" transferred into the real world.

And that's just the beginning, because our motto is:
Everything is better in Augmented Reality ;-)


Alien Attack

in Augmented Reality

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in Augmented Reality (ARCore)

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Augmented Quests

the 1st virtual Escape Room

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SoccAR (Beta)

Known from Kickstarter

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Checkers in Augmented Reality

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My Sheep

Endless Platformer

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Mr. Santa

Xmas Jump'n'Run

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Your private Band

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Now Available for ARCore!

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